Silicone Sleeve Set.
Silicone Sleeve Set.
Silicone Sleeve Set.
Silicone Sleeve Set.
Silicone Sleeve Set.
Silicone Sleeve Set.

Silicone Sleeve Set.

Introducing our Silicone Sleeve, a versatile solution for anti-turtling stretching, pumping, and extender use. Crafted from robust medical-grade silicone, it promotes natural growth without discomfort. The included Silicone Lasso Manhood Ring, with the Secur-Lok system, ensures customizable comfort and support for enhanced sexual performance.

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Comfortable Silicone Accessories

Included in the package is a silicone sleeve that prevents turtlenecking through the stretching of the penis, utilizing methods such as penis pumping, vacuum extenders, and applying moderate tension. The Black Silicone Lasso (for post-pump use only) is fully adjustable, ensuring your comfort and support throughout your experience after use.

Silicone Sleeve: Introducing the silicone penis sleeve for all-day anti-turtling stretching, pumping, and use with extenders. Engineered from strong medical-grade silicone, it stretches up to four times its size without breaking. Comfortable for extended wear, it adds grip and protection during use with extenders and hangers. When used with a pump, the unique design directs blood flow for optimal expansion.

  • It helps your penis get longer and thicker
  • It feels really comfy, even if you wear it for a long time
  • It makes your penis grow naturally without any pain while it heals
  • Keeps your penis stretched out all day as it gets better
  • It makes your penis less sensitive when used with stretchers
  • You can wear it under your clothes without anyone knowing
  • It stops your penis from holding onto extra fluid when using pumps
  • You can adjust the length to fit you just right
  • It stretches up to four times its normal size
  • It's safe for your skin and won't cause allergies

Silicone Lasso: The Silicone Lasso Penis Ring provides adjustable comfort and support for enhanced sexual performance. This high-quality ring features our Secur-Lok system, making it easy to tighten or loosen to your perfect fit. The fully adjustable c-ring can expand from 18mm to 64mm, accommodating most sizes comfortably.

Crafted with Premium Quality Material, this sleeve provides a snug fit around the base of the cylinder in the pump, ensuring maximum suction power for unparalleled results. Its soft and stretchy texture effortlessly conforms to your unique shape, while gently gripping your skin to create an airtight seal.

Features and Benefits:

  • Made of delicate, skin-safe silicone that moves with you
  • Creates an airtight vacuum seal to prevent air leaks
  • Adds a more pleasurable, smoother sensation during pumping
  • Protects penile skin from friction and irritation
  • Easily removed for cleaning and maintenance
  • Fits most penile pump designs and sizes
  • Compatible with oil and water-based lubricants

Not only does this ring sleeve enhance the vacuum pressure of your penile pump, but it also promotes better blood circulation during usage. As you slide it onto the device and activate the suction mechanism, feel an invigorating rush as blood rushes into every inch of your manhood. With consistent use, you'll notice enhanced size and performance that will leave both you and your partner breathless with delight.



How the Arouse Oil Works


Elevate your intimate moments with AROUSE OIL, a pre-intimacy stimulating oil exclusively crafted for men. Designed to enhance sensation and support circulation, this oil creates an optimal environment for heightened pleasure when applied topically before intimacy


AROUSE OIL boasts a proprietary blend of organic, wildcrafted essential oils, ensuring a natural and invigorating experience. The carefully selected ingredients contribute to a gentle warming and tingling sensation, setting the stage for optimal erectile function


Experience the benefits of enhanced circulation with AROUSE OIL. This male pre-intimacy stimulating oil not only intensifies sensation but also supports improved blood flow, promoting a satisfying and enjoyable intimate experience


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Yes, Arouse is safe to use. However it is recommended to test a small amount of Arouse oil on the upper leg skin to assess sensitivity before applying to the penis. Arouse should only be used with lambskin or polyurethane condoms. Do not use Arouse with latex condoms, as the oils may degrade the latex. Arouse is always applied directly to the skin and not on top of a condom.

Arouse may improve circulatory response, stimulate and excite nerve cells, relax skin tissue, enhance blood flow to the applied area, enhance sensation, and create an optimal environment for erectile function.

Absolutely! Arouse is designed for all men seeking greater sexual pleasure and function. The unique blend promotes blood flow, making Arouse an excellent option for men with normal erectile function as well as those facing occasional challenges in that area. By supporting healthy circulation, Arouse creates an optimal environment for arousal, no matter your situation.

Arouse should be applied 30-60 minutes before intimacy begins. Wait about 20-30 minutes for the oil to fully absorb into penile tissue.

Yes, Arouse is safe for vaginal use. The oil should be fully absorbed into penile tissue prior to intercourse. However its good to have clear communication with your partner as all female pH is a little different and can be subject to irritation at times depending on a variety of factors.